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Artist SinGh to 'risk life' with paintings, stunts at Milham Park this weekend

First, SinGh will promote his ArtPrize exhibit with a series of live paintings at Milham Park on Saturday. In a press release, SinGh said he will "risk his life simply to promote his cause and art." He will draw and paint while "rolling on a barrel" and give the creation to a park visitor. At around 2 p.m., he also will paint while hanging upside down "from a tree without a harness" and may "fall into the river underneath."
SinGh will conclude his stint at the park by jumping from a 40-foot tree, according to the press release.
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Artist Singh returns to Artprize

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Michigan most controversial artist “Artist SinGh”painted while doing dangerous stunts in the Milham Park, Kalamazoo to promote his painting that will be displayed at the Art prize this year. He Attempt is to break the Guinness Book Record by painting World’s Longest Painting—3 mile long.

Artist SinGh in the park performed:

· He painted while “rolling on a barrel” and gave away the painting to the visitors for no charge

· He made a painting while he was hanging upside down from a tree without harness and did not fall in river underneath

· Finally he  jumped from 40 feet tree unhurt simply to promote his cause

 watch the video below: