Artist Singh sculpture "The Great Pear" was removed from the ArtPrize

Titled "The Great Pear", A pear sculpture to match the theme of the worlds longest painting was removed by the Artprize within the minutes of its installation.
It was all good and agreed last Monday the 9th with the Artprize curator Clare Fox, but due to her personal animosity with the artist she has changed her mind once again at the last minute.  

Artist Singh said, "I trusted her on her word last Monday, I cant believe she can change like this and not only that Artprizes Kevin Bust called Grand Rapids POLICE on me.  They  say one thing now and another thing later."
what is wrong with the Artprize entry below??
  • A Pear
  • 35 feet of worlds longest painting that emerges from the pear and hangs on the fence.

Artist Singh's  sculpture, "The Great Pear" removed from the Artprize.