some clips I almost forgot about

Making of a contraption for cutting the canvas rolls
and me painting on a barrel in Milham Park to promote the worlds longest painting

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Dancing still life by Artist Singh for JR's

The transcendental

Artist SinGh stood on a 75 feet tall easel for seven day.


Worlds Longest Painting

To transcend is to go to a higher level, to go above and beyond the ordinary. Transcendental knowledge is much higher than the knowledge of our mundane existence. I have named my painting “the transcendental” because this work is transcending me to another level of discipline—making the world’s longest painting in 45 days and working for 20 hours a day to do something that has never been done before. This also reminds me of my surreal experience of being buried alive for three days.
Whether transcendental knowledge really exists is debatable just like many other abstract concepts. However, making this painting requires such discipline and self-control that for me it is beyond the ordinary, it is mystical, spiritual, elevating and transcendental.

Heavy rain all morning today

It has been raining all morning today. hoping it will clear out by afternoon so that I can start painting. from now on I will be working 20 hour a day.

raindrops keep falling on my head_ Artist Singh
Artist SinGh's temporary studio