Kalamazoo City stopped Singhs painting

July 30, 2013
45 days long project faces hindrances and worlds longest painting might not complete on time to break the Guinness book record.
World’s Longest Painting  stopped by City of Kalamazoo
This news comes from Artist Singh’s Studio and Gallery at 4120 South Burdick St., Kalamazoo, Artist SinGh is attempting to break a Guinness Book world record for longest painting by an individual.  
The city sent inspector Rodgers  to Singh studio at about 3 pm on a tip to check out the temporary housing covering his work today and was asked to stop painting.
  • They are going to issue him a ticket for the violation
  • Singh will pay the fines and acquire  a proper permit only if the structure is approved by the city inspector.  
  • Till then no painting.
But here is irony of this situation.
Artist Singh has filed for a permit before the project started for the permanent structure and received no response. Its been almost three months now. how do you wait?? Singh feels Inspector Pete Aldridge is the reason for  no on time permit because Singh had told him that he is planning to put the structure by the direct scenic view of his neighbor who once was a building inspector ( Glenda  ). Singh feels they disposed his permit and never responded on time for his record breaking project because they are favoring ex building inspector Glenda. Apparently Glenda had strong ties with the office and she still inform on the neighbor hood even though she is retired. Like:
  •  A few days ago she informed on Singh's garden that he planted to take some pictures of floral for his upcoming book. City inspector Bonnie Hanson, threatened via a formal letter that will  mow down SinGh garden and then charge him and fine him for over grown lawn.
  •  And like a month ago she almost got SinGh arrested when she complained to the police that there is a thief in Singh's studio with a flash light. In fact it was SinGh him self trying to park his motorbike that had one light.
 Singh is now looking at receiving a ticket instead of working on his art. He is on a deadline . Almost 100 thousand dollars is at a stake and he has sponsors to answer to. Singh studio is on a commercial property.  They come on to his property unannounced they waste his time and bother him with pointless questions.

The city asked him to stop painting. Singh is a creative person and it’s starting to become annoyed at the city for the harassment that is started by a neighbor that used to work in that office. What do they want him to do? The structure survived the terrible storms that came thru Kalamazoo on Friday July 19 that leveled trees in his neighborhood, it is a safe structure.
Two years back it was street sign issue.  Singh offered Inspector Bob,  Indian tea with utmost hospitality but the inspector kept harassing Singh, very soon  Singh had to asked the inspector to leave the premises and go back  to his office and do some research and come back with legal documents of violation. To find out the officer was there for no reason Singh had all the required permits. 

Singh stated, “I went to their office and I had applied for the permit to which they never responded. Three months are  gone by so at the last minute when my project could not wait any longer I did what I had to--build a temporary shed.  After so many questions it starts to become very annoying and they should stay on the subject of the permit or stay of my studio."

Singh also plans to reach out to the Governor and the Mayor of Kalamazoo.


Yesterday was a Good Day Uptill 3 pm

Glimpse of the work from yesterday